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EnergyByTesla - scam? or not?

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    I've read descriptions and reviews of EnergyByTesla, and the explanation's possible. But the problem is that it is hard for me to believe that such things can exist with the technology of today, + also, why are such a small fraction of people using it then? Maybe because its expensive but if it is real, then wouldn't one still profit due to no electricity bills? So, is it a scam, or genuine.
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    its a scam.
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    Not only is it a scam (it offers to harvest bountiful free energy but details nothing more than a vague description of "harvesting energy released by the Earth absorbed from the Sun" but apparently not heat) it's an excellent example of how to spot a scam. It's full of typical crackpot clich├ęs, some examples:

    - Claims of a conspiracy by Big Energy due to lack of patentability/profits
    - Claims of a conspiracy by the US government due to....?
    - Reference to mysterious cult figure Tesla
    - Claims of rediscovery of "secret" by unnamed scientists
    - Has no peer-reviewed references or technical explanations
    - Offer of unlimited free energy
    - Claims the device can be built in hours, by a laymen, using easily available equipment for negligable cost
    - Warns that this offer wont be available for ever because no doubt Big Energy or the Government will clamp down soon because...?
    - Wants you to sign up to a service rather than selling you just the information
    - Has just three "easy steps"
    - There is a list of various life altering books that you can get for free if you're one of the first 100 to sign up (or can pay hundreds of dollars for if you're not)
    - The website boasts accepting all major credit cards
    - At the bottom they're offering this life-altering, physics defying, paradigm shifting technology for just $50

    Honestly this type of thing should be shown to kids in school so they can easily spot crackpottery.

    EDIT: One last point I've just discovered, when you try to leave their website this (horrendously misspelled) message pops up;
    Need I say more :uhh:
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