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Should every electrical engineer be able to figure every calculus problem out?


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If you are referring to problems given in calculus courses required for an EE program, I feel an EE would be able to solve them all (some problems may take more time than others, that's all).

Perhaps, depending on the instructor, some may challenge a student by throwing in a few tougher questions.
To be a good EE, you should take some extra applied math courses, especially on methods of solving problems. Ultimately, its not just about the minimum you need to get by, but your personal best.
Yes, Because The Calculus Is One Of The Mathematical Methods Used To Described The Phenomenon In The Field Of Electricity...
Should a tennis player be able to return every serve?
This question has no answer either.

There will always be a calculus problem you can't solve.
But without a serious effort to master the fundamentals of engineering
(and calculus is one of these) you will not become an effective engineer.
Antiphoton is ryt!!!

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