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Engineer and physics ,which is a right choice to me?

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    hi everyone,
    i am a junior nuclear engineer at A&M. After taking engineer classes, i feel engineering only focus on specific problems, and doesn't make me understand the subject clearly and deeply as Physics does. Furthermore i like theoretical works than design reactors and so on. I am not good at lab skills ,but i am strong at theory and prove things. i like course as EM ,modern physics and quantum than heat tranfer or fluid mechanic. I like working on my own theory than work in a large group of engineer. If i change my major to theoretical physics now, i will waste all my engineer classes. I can't study both NE and physics because i cost me too much money and time (at least 2.5 years). Please advice me what would i do. Do what i like or keep studying NE which i may like in future. Thank you very much.
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    Depends on your objective

    Are you looking for high salary or a life of 'doing what you love'?

    You can always minor or double major even though that takes a while to complete hte courses but hey, its cool and helpful.
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    Physics might look all nice and dandy in theory, but once you want it to work you usually turn to engineering - because there is more to it than 'just theory'. So with this in mind, you should simply take additional courses in Physics (Modern Physics, EM Waves, Analytical Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, etc)

    Some of those courses will be cleverly hidden under Chemistry, EE, and ME classes - read the descriptions and prerequisites and take them in addition to nuclear engineering. If you still 'love to do it' - go to grad school for either Engineering Physics or something more particular (Applied Physics or even pure Physics)
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    What if being an engineer is "doing what you love"?
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    Thanks a lot,
    i will take advanced mechanic and EM in fall beside my NUEN 401,409. Once again ,salary is not a problem to me but "doing what i love" is my main thing in life. Somehow i wil work as a computer programmer and then study physics on my own.
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