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Engineer and programmer

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    Please tell me the differences between embedded system software engineer and embedded system programmer.
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    The difference between them is that, in the first, someone was trying to make themselves sound cooler and more important.

    I'm kidding, but only in part. I'm not usually a fan of using the word "engineer" for software development. I'll consider calling myself an engineer the day I can refuse to sign off on a project because I consider it unsafe. And probably not even then.

    But anyways, there's really no major difference between those titles. Both could easily apply to the same jobs.
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    It's possible that the engineer title could imply some specific knowledge of some branch of electronics or physics, such as servo algorithms, magnetic media, ..., while programmer would imply general software skills such as general programming, multi-tasking, interrupt driven code, operating systems, ... . As mentioned, most companies probably use one or the other title for all of it's embedded coders, regardless of any special skills.
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