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Engineer Interview! ( )

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    Engineer Interview! (Please Help!)

    Hi everyone. I'm supposed to do an interview for my Principles of Engineering class. If anyone wants to help out that'd be great!

    Interviewee Name:
    Interviewee's Specific Degree:
    Place of Employment:
    Email Address or Phone:

    Please describe your engineering field:

    What is your current job title:

    Please describe your particular jobs and duties:

    What is your average work schedule:

    Starting with highschool, describe your educational background chronologically:

    If you could do it over, education wise, would you do anything differently:

    What advice could you give me:

    Thanks for the help!
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    Re: Engineer Interview! (Please Help!)

    Sorry, we no longer allow interview threads here on the PF. Your asking for all that private information is a key reason that threads like this are no longer allowed.

    Thread closed.
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