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Engineer Interview

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    Hi. I am currently in high school taking an engineering class and I need help finding a professional engineer to interview for a project. I need to conduct an interview with a professional engineer and gather professional background information and ask various questions about the field of engineering. I would really appreciate it if you took time to answer the following questions. If you don't feel comfortable sharing some of the information on the site, please email me at << e-mail address deleted by Moderator >> .Please make sure you are a professional engineer and that the answers are true before posting/emailing. The answers don't have to be that long, but please try to make them as detailed as you can! Thanks in advance! :)

    Professional Background

    a) Interviewee's Name:
    b) Interviewee's Specific Degree:
    c) Interviewee's place of employment:
    d) Interviewee's email address: (I don't think this one is that necessary so if you don't feel comfortable for me using it in my project, don't put it)

    Professional Interview

    1) Please describe your engineering field.
    2) What is your current job title?
    3) Please describe your particular job and duties.
    4) What is your average work schedule?
    5) Starting with high school, describe your educational background chronologically.
    6) If you had to do it all over, related to your career or education, would you do anything differently?
    7) What advice would you give to me as someone interested in pursuing a career path similar to yours?

    These are the 4 questions I made up myself:

    8) What is your favorite part about your job/engineering field and why?
    9) Describe one downside of your job/engineering field?
    10) What is the greatest achievement you have accomplished during your experience as an engineer?
    11) What is your main goal in the future of your engineering career right now?

    I'm going to be using the answers on my project. Again, I would really appreciate it if an engineer could take time to answer these! I could use your answers ASAP, but you don't have to rush! Thank you!!
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    For privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we do not allow interview threads at the PF. Thread locked.
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