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Homework Help: Engineering 3 view drawings

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    I'm having trouble understanding 2 parts of this 3 view drawing. We're supposed to draw it on pro e.

    1. For the top view drawing, the dimension on the right that says "2x45° x .25" What does the .25 mean? I calculated the depth of that part to be 1.32-1.075=.245.

    2. For the dimension in the top view drawing that states "4x diameter .164-32 UNC depth .535." How do we know the depth of the hole? I can't find where it specifies the depth of the hole anywhere on the drawing?

    If someone can help me out, I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

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    The side view projected from the plan view shows a the 0.535 deep "blind hole."
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    Are you sure that downward pointing arrow and .535 after it are not specifying the depth of the hole? Have you studied what the drawing symbols mean?

    In the notation "2 x 45 x .25", the drawing is telling you to make 2 45-deg chamfers which measure .25" in the length of the legs, not the depth.
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