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Engineering about

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    Okay, so I'm still exploring my college future, so I was wondering if anyone could tell me about various engineering disciplines.

    I'm interested in Electrical, Mechanical, and Aerospace Engineering, but if I do mechanical I don't want to work for a car company, I want to do defense organization like Raytheon or go work for a National Lab. I would do aerospace (specifically thermal/propulsion), but all I ever hear is that it's impossible to get a job in Aerospace, even when we aren't in recession. I would also do Electrical, but all I ever hear about those programs is that it's basically a 4 year long tutorial on "how to use this program" and I don't want to do that...I'm more interested in the theory and working with my hands.

    All I'm asking for is what are people's opinions on engineering disciplines...I'm not worrying about salary, cuz I know I'll do fine. What I'm worried about is liking what I do (for instance, optical engineering sounds cool, but once you really look at it, you're building the components for the more common engineering disciplines...I guess I'm more holistic.)

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    It really isn't hard to get a job as an Aerospace Engineer graduate, especially if you go to a decent school. Actually, it should probably be easier as there is a definite shortage in the number of aerospace undergraduates at the moment and the soon exodus of current aerospace employees from the work force due to retirement.

    I already have lined up a summer internship with one of the top defense contractors, could have gone with another one as well actually, and still waiting on some others. They seem to be doing quite fine, I'm sure.
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    WOW...thank you SO much for giving me a real story of the job prospects! Collegeboard said that Aerospace engineering should be increasing at the normal rate, but all i've ever heard was that if you don't want to do academics, it's impossible to get a job. Thank you for giving me some good news! I'm going to the University of Arizona...not the best...but definitely not the worst. I don't think I'd be bad, I'm very smart and am very good at science and math...that's why I would like to specialize in thermal sciences...maybe even fluid dynamics...that sounds alright, but I would imagine everyone would be trying to do aerodynamics cuz it sounds so much cooler...and you can really see your work (the body of the plane I mean)
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    Lol, much to learn about life young kimosabi.
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    Well, take all personal/anecdotal advice with a grain of salt (including mine), but yeah, there are definitely prospects out there!

    I'm also very interested in the propulsion side of things...my classes are quite interesting. Are you looking more for the space or atmospheric side of aerospace?

    I'll also like to point out that real life work doesn't always seem all cracked up like it's supposed to be. I know of several aerospace engineers (And engineers in general) go into what they thought would be their ideal companies only to find out that it is a disappointment, so they switch to a different career/go back to academia.
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