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Engineering Advanced Diploma UK ( )

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    Engineering Advanced Diploma UK (Please Help!)

    Hey everyone, I'm new to the site, found it with stumbleupon (First post :D) and It looks really good but I need some help.

    I dont know how many people on here are from the UK or have any knowledge of the british education system. I am 15 and about to choose my A-Levels for next september. Most people take 3.5 (4 in the first year and 3 in the second). I know I'm going to take Maths and Physics but I'm moving to a new school to do these (http://www.dhsb.org" [Broken]) and they offer an 'Engineering Advanced Diploma' which on it's own is worth 3.5 A-Levels but is not accepted by all universities and must be done alongside two other A-Levels (In my case Maths and Physics).

    I'd quite like to know how hard it is though and whether it would be worth doing any other subjects instead. Maybe some of you have done/taught this before.

    Please help, Everything helps and is appreciated.
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