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Engineering Advice

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    Hello all. I am a second year EE student thinking about my future career goals and aspirations. I'm leaning towards trying my hand as a researcher and attempting to start a company. I'm interested in applying concepts in engineering and physics to the medical field. I'd love to have a source of information on biotechnology and where research in this area is heading. However, I've looked into buying textbooks from graduate level courses, and they are just too expensive. I've also searched the internet for some guidance to no avail.
    Does anyone know where I might start learning more advanced topics in physics and engineering? Also, what sorts of things can I do now to start honing my skills as an engineer? Thanks a ton.
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    I suggest touring physics and engineering labs at your university and introducing yourself to professors and staff who doing medical-related research. Speaking to them is the best way to learn about what's hot in the field, and to find what areas interest you. You might also be able to volunteer in a lab to get experience.
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    jim hardy

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    ""I'm interested in applying concepts in engineering and physics to the medical field. ""

    see if your local hospital has an electronics repair guy. If you learned to work on medical instruments, even as a volunteer, that'd be valuable learning.
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    Check Amazon for used books, I buy so many books I cannot afford buy new ones for over $100 a piece. Also look into the previous edition books that sell for much cheaper used. You are looking for reference, the latest book is not going to make that big a difference.

    You might want to look into Fourier Transform subject as there are a lot of imaging system that use signal processing. I designed the frontend of ultra sound scanning with color Doppler in the 80s. It is quite interesting if that is your cup of tea.
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