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Engineering and Entrepeneurship

  1. Jun 4, 2012 #1
    Engineering and Entrepreneurship

    Hi all

    I am a former finance professional and very green engineer in the energy industry. One of my career aspirations it to setup my own small technology company. Right now I have employment with a large well respected engineering company. My objective as of now is to garner as much technical credibility as possible. I was planning on working for 10 years before trying to strike out on my own. I am currently pursuing a MS (Nuke E) and I was thinking to expand my network and get more cache go for another MS and maybe a PhD.

    In terms what type of company I was thinking something the following
    small scale energy systems
    medical devices
    environmental something

    I feel each are fields where government money is an option

    The driver behind this is a desire to utilize all my skills in a job. In industry there seems to be a push to pin you down and label you as a specialist and job segmentation is prevalent that you are simply a cog. I want to avoid this and leverage my finance background. Entrepreneurship seemed like the best answer but I was also entertaining the idea of consulting or business development/strategy.

    Fishing for comments, I feel hybrid careers will become more prevalent but tough to navigate and find your niche

    thanks in advance
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