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Engineering and Law

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    Dear fellow physicsforumers,

    I am currently studying Mechanical Engineering in my third year of study. I fully intend to finish my BASc and I want to continue onto further studies. At first I thought maybe continuing further into a Master's degree in something Engineering related. But I have second thoughts on that. Recently, my friends threw around the idea of law school. Some good points were brought up that made having a engineering and a law degree a good combination to have.

    I am here because I want to ask how can I find out more about law school and if it is right for me. I have no role-models who have pursued this education path and was wondering if there was anyone here who has or know someone who has done both engineering and law and could give me some advice. What to do in law school, where to work afterwards, etc.
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    patent lawyer

    Usually people who combine engineering and law work as patent lawyers. A friend of mind recommended working as a R/D engineer for a few years before law school. Don't tell who ever interviews you for the R/D job that you are going to leave and go to law school though....
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