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Engineering and/or Physics

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    I was Debating whether I should double major in Physics and civil engineering,
    or should I pick one?

    Problem is I can't, I love math and physics a lot. I would like to be an engineer for a while but I would like to do research in Physics later on too. I mean, I read books on math and physics all the time?
    Someone help!
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    Double major if you think you can handle it. And coming back to grad school after working for a while is done all the time. It is more difficult since you will have to refresh your memory of the whole undergrad curriculum, but it can be done.

    If you want to do independent fundamental research in physics, you will need a Ph.D. So have that in mind when considering your job prospects for "doing physics research."
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    Well, civil engineering and physics are not as closely related as, say, electrical engineering and physics. Is it possible you'd be interested in electrical engineering?
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    Electrical ....mmmm....I really have my mid set on civil. But regardless they both require Gen. Phyics 1-2 and lab ,calc 1-3 & Diff Equ. After that pysics major is 7 classes away.
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    Civil Engineering and Physics? what an odd couple...

    Hey, how old are you? if you're still in High School, chances are you are not familiar with what civil engineers and physicist do. You should do some research, and if possible visit construction sites and Research Labs.
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