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  1. May 30, 2012 #1
    I've been awarded a scholarship to study engineering in Ukraine. Its the end of the academic year and I most make a decision where to head to. I have two choices.
    1. Petroleum engineering
    There is only one university in Ukraine which offers this course and its the university of oil and gas. This is a very low ranked university and its in Ivano Frankivsk.

    2. Chemical Engineering
    There is taught at the Kiev polytechnic which is the best university in Ukraine, but I have to choose a branch of CE before commencing so that I'll start off immediately there. These are the specialist courses.

    Chemical technology of organic substances
    Chemical technology of inorganic substances
    Technical Electrochemistry
    Technology in polymer processing
    Chemical technology of refractory nonmetallic and silicate materials
    Automation and Computer-Integrated Technologies
    Computer Chemical Engineering

    My dilemma is should I go to the better/best university in Kiev ? I am very interested in both engineering disciplines but I have to say I hate studying about soil and rocks in PE. I am also hesitant because I have no idea what these courses in Chemical engineering mean and which will be most interesting and BENEFICIAL to me in the future.

    Please provide me with an insight.
    Thank You
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  3. May 30, 2012 #2
    Congratulations on the scholarship, medwatt.

    I faced a similar dilemma when I when to college. Choice 1 was a state college with full scholarship. Choice 2 was the better school with no scholarship.

    I chose the better school. While I don't think my education was any better than it would have been at school 2, I began an internship that became a career at a nearby research institute.

    So, in the end, I don't think you go wrong. Most people don't exhaust their school's resources, so it's up to you.

    Remember also that careers are interesting if you are interesting. You make the career interesting, the career does not make you interested or fulfilled.

    Good Luck.
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