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Engineering at Uni

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    Hey. I'm pretty sure I want to do electrical engineering at Uni. Is anyone doing it? Can you reccoment any universities? What do you think of combining it with something else - like management?

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    Hey. who is this?
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    I don't understand why a lot of people ask questions like this. Do you live in mainland China? If so, you might want to say so, because I'd assume you'd want to know the good universities in mainland China. Where do you live, and where are you willing to go? Anyways, since you asked this question like this, I'm going to assume you're American, in which case I can't help you choose a specific university.

    I took Engineering Science for first year, in which we learned what you'd learn in the Electrical Engineering program, but we did a little more. I find that people who go into engineering are (1) people who want money (2) people who don't know what they want, or, very rarely (I've never met one personally) (3) people who really enjoy engineering. Get a good idea of what engineering is, get a very good idea of the courses you will be taking, and exactly what you'll be studying. Electrical engineering is what I wanted to do all through high school, and I applied to two EE programs for university, but when I got to university and spent my first year in engineering, and taking courses on electricity and magnetism, I realized there's no way I want to do this (I find it way too boring).

    You say you're "pretty sure" that you want to do EE. I'd say, try to be very sure, and if that's not possible, be as sure as you possibly can. Really look at all your options. It will take a lot of time, and you will have to take in an overwhelming amount of information (or so it will seem) but it's best in the end. Once you've figured out what you want to do, figure out where you want to go, but as I said, I probably can't help you there.
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    Can't recommend Unis (you know, except the ussual - like MIT :wink:),
    but do recommend that if it's a good one - just
    take EE to start with, it's difficult enough.
    If you prefer management a good Uni is highly
    advisable of course, and since it rather easier -
    you can succeed very well if you're serious.
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    If you want to become an Engineer you should serously consider Universities the require Co-Ops. You can Co-Op at any university but you generally have to fit it into your schedule. Universities the require Co-Op usually do an alternating semester of school, semester working in your chosen field.

    I personally recommend Kettering University for ME's or EE's especially those that want to work in the auto industry.

    Good Luck.
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