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Engineering at Western or Mac (McGill)

  1. Sep 15, 2015 #1
    I am looking to apply to western for engineering ( go into mechatronics) and do a concurrent engineering and physics degree. Basically what that is, is a regular 4 year degree with a 5th year of pure physics. You then receive a bachelor of engineering and a physics major.

    I am also looking at applying to mac for engineering physics and management. I would most likely specialise in power systems.

    I have also entertained doing an honours physics at McGill, but im worried about job opportunities

    I am then hoping to do a masters in physics. I have been told that you can get into a grad school for physics with these degrees, im just wondering how difficult it would be. Which is the better route in your opinion. Do you have any better ideas from other Schools. I am also wondering what school has more research opportunities for undergrads. Please give any suggestions you can. Thanks.
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