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Engineering Biology Course Content

  1. Jun 23, 2006 #1
    There is a course I am thinking of taking but I don't know what the course content is all about. Here is a description that's written in my academic calendar.

    Engineering Biology
    Using a quantitative, problem solving approach, this course will introduce basic concepts in cell biology and physiology. Various engineering modelling tools will be used to investigate aspects of cell growth and metabolism, transport across cell membranes, protein structure, homeostasis, nerve conduction and mechanical forces in biology.

    The course is offered by my school's chem eng department (not my department) and i emailed their counsellor for more info. no reply yet..

    i talked to one chem eng upper year a long time ago who took this course and i remember she said something like there was a lot of derivation of equations in this course. It kind of baffles me since I didn't know biology had lots of math in it.

    Anyways I figure i'd take a shot and post this here asking what can I expect in this kind of course and if there is some notes online somewhere that dwells into this subject and its math. just so i know what the hell im getting into by taking it.
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