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Engineering College Advice

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    I have recently been accepted to the University of Delaware Mechanical Engineering Honors Program, and the Penn State University Non-Honors Mechanical Engineering Program. From a strictly engineering point of view, which university is better? I have two weeks to make a decision, and im dying here.
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    I don't know about U of Delaware, but I know several folks at PSU and it is a great engineering school.

    I would suggest you look at what research the faculty are doing, and what they have published, and use that as a guide.
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    I actually visited Delaware yesterday morning, and they have great facilities and one of the best undergrad research programs available. Id really like to get into undergrad research, so as of now Im leaning towards Delaware, but I have yet to tour PSU's facilities, so that could change. Thank you for your advice.
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    Are you talking about Penn State University Park or Delaware?

    University Park is one of the best engineering schools with one of the better engineering departments.
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    Penn State is pretty good, but it's a huge department. I have no idea about the size of Delaware, but it's easy to get lost among all the other MEs at PSU. And if you want to get started in research, it helps to be in a smaller department where you know the faculty more intimately, or in an honors program. But if you're motivated and agressive, you shouldn't have a problem finding somebody to work with at Penn State.

    I guess it also depends a little on what you plan to do after graduation. A degree from PSU would probably make it not too hard to find a decent job, but if you want to go to graduate school, you might be better off going where you get a better relationship with professors and can do research.
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