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Engineering Conjoint Degrees

  1. Sep 7, 2011 #1
    Hi all!

    I am currently trying to choose a degree to conjoint with my Engineering Degree. I was hoping I could call upon your infinite wisdom to assist me.

    My options are as follows:

    Business Management
    Information Technology
    No Conjoint

    I'm leaning on the side of science, but have the difficulty in that I can't take too similar a course in both degrees. I hope to eventually study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Logic (at least for now, who knows, that could definitely change). Are there any pros/cons you have, or any degrees you definately would NOT recommend doing? I'm looking in terms of academic enrichment and future employment opportunities. Or maybe there are reasons to not do a conjoint at all? (Apart from less uni time, which I don't really mind).

    Flying Panda
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    my personal experience:
    my specializing is an interfaculty discipline with physics and electrical engineering.
    the best thing I find is that, when the courses overlap (lots of overlap in my case in signal processing and circuit design) I have learnt two different approaches to solve the same problem, which will likely be useful.

    as for my recommendation to you:

    commerce and management will be useful for employment, but I haven't really done those courses so I can't say anything else about it.

    you mentioned AI and machine logic, have you looked at the courses offered in the philosophy depardment? In my university there is a specialisation in logic and computation in the philosophy department (faculty of arts) which contain courses in linguistics and logic. That will be very useful for AI
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    Yes at some universities I have seen courses specifically on Machine logic, but those aren't my top choice Universities. Commerce and Management seem quite useful for employment and career progression, but Science seems more useful for analysing and solving problems like you said (different thinking skills?)

    I am quite interested in Robotics as well as part of all this. I was thinking could I possibly do Computer Science as part of the Science degree, and do mechanical engineering on the Engineering side? Or possible Physics in Science and Software Engineering?
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    A word that came to my mind is mechatronics engineering, basically is a mixture of software engineering, mechanical engineering, and electrical engineering. In fact I perosnally know someone who graduated doing mechatronics engineering and finished his masters doing robotics related projects. So have a look whether this is offered in your universities you are looking at.

    Something else I would suggest is applied mathematics, having a solidified mathematical basis can only help
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