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Homework Help: Engineering design for egg mover

  1. Apr 16, 2013 #1
    For my physics class, my group is assigned to do a following project.

    Design and construct a machine that will safely transport a set of eggs from a bottom corner of a 1x1x1 meter virtual cube to the diagonally opposite upper corner (e.g. bottom-front-left to top-back-right) using at least one electrical and at least one mechanical device; the machine should sort the eggs according to a property of the egg you select (e.g., weight, color, size are ok; order of entry is not) into two groups and deposit the eggs in each group into separate standard egg containers. The first and last leg of the motion must be upward and the movement must include a 50+ centimeter vertical drop (controlled, guided, or free-fall are all ok). The drop into the container at the end is fine – the last leg should be upward up to that point.

    My group have some ideas like using a conveyor belt , strings etc but we need some more input. If you guys could give some ideas about this project.
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