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Engineering dilema

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    I wanted to go into mechanical engineering for some time now, but recently realized that I am more interested in aerospace engineering. I was planning on first going to community college then transferring to the University of California for ME, but they don't have aerospace there. I am confused because on their ME website it says they cover aeronautics, and astronautics. Should I stick with ME or go to a different school for aerospace?
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    By University of California, do you mean Berkeley? Just wondering.

    I'm doing my Aerospace Engineering degree at UT Austin...definitely love my major. What exactly are you interested in with regards to "aerospace"? It's true that a lot of Mechanical engineering can be transferred or applied to aerospace, and that many mechanical engineers also can be put on aerospace related jobs, but I guess it just depends on how much you care for aerospace, and specifically what fields in aerospace you are interested in.
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    Yea I meant UC Berkley. My friend just transfered in there as a junior.

    I'm actually intersted in space ships and satellites and think it would be fun to be able to work on them and possibly have one up in space.
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    Ah, space route. I'm currently doing the space route as well...

    So just for a better idea, are you interested more in say, programming? The actual hands on construction of the various components of satellites? The Guidance, Navigation, and Control of them?
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    I think I would like to design and control them. Recently I have had an interest in future space missions that talk about sending satellites far into the galaxy and stuff like that. I have just always had an interest in space.
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    I'm considering aerospace because I think it combines engineering (I like science and math) with my interest in space.
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    I worked for a time for an aerospace components manufacturer in the Chicago area, and I think we had entirely MEs and EEs working there. I was not aware of an aero in the company anywhere. So, for what it is worth, there is aerospace component work available without an aero degree, of that I can speak from personal experience.
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    I think a lot of the jobs, especially in the actual manufacturing/designing of components can be usually done with either Mech or Aero
    The only real times where it would be much more advantageous for Aero is for high speed fluid dynamics and GNC work, based on the different coursework in both departments.
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    What kind of jobs are catered towards aerospace engineers then?
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