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Schools Engineering disciplines after college

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Ok, so I'm a sophomore at Penn State, and had entered in as an Aerospace Engineer, which was something that I REALLY wanted to do, and still really do. Unfortunately, I got bit by the lazy bug my first few semesters, and wasn't able to achieve the 3.0 GPA needed to actually enter the aerospace program. (I fully blame myself for this and have since turned my attitude about college completely around.) I am now in Nuclear Engineering. While it sounds cool, and is something that I can enjoy, Aerospace is where my true passion lies. Every time I see a discovery channel show on airplanes, space, or cars, or even with the plane problems I'm doing in my dynamics class, I instantly get pissed at myself. I was on the path to something I really enjoyed, and just let myself waste away my chance. My question is, is there a way to get back on this path. With a degree in Nuclear engineering, can I go to a graduate school for Aerospace? Can I work my way through my first few internships and end up in the aerospace industry? Or am I better off putting my full efforts into Nuclear and try to be the best I can be in that field and keep my aerospace interests as a "hobby"?

PS. I know Mechanical, Chemical, or Electrical would give me better chances to get into Aerospace, but as of right now, they are not really options, whether it be the GPA, or the money needed to go an extra year to catch up.

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