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Engineering field Project in Mississippi

  1. Sep 18, 2003 #1
    Hi everyone

    Im a junior in high school in mississippi and a science fair has just been started at our school. our teacher said that our project can be on any subject and i have decided to do one in the engineering field. Now what exactly i want to do, i am not really sure, so please if you dont mind, i need some ideas before Friday morning (9/19).Thanks alot
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    What is it about engineering that
    you like? When you think about
    engineering what particular kind
    of engineering do you end up
    thinking about the most?

    In other words, your best bet is
    to narrow things down to what
    you are most enthusiastic about.
    You like bridges? You like towers?
    You like satellites?

    So, put your finger on what it is
    you're exited enough about to get
    through the research and work it
    will take to put your project
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    well, i have decided to do my project on propeller design, but i havent taken a physics course yet. Is it possible to learn this math and physics for the project out of class or is it within my reach.
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    Aircraft or watercraft?
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    im doing it in watercraft, and sorry for the late reply
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    Have you given any thought about your exact topic?

    There are a bunch of things you could do without knowing a whole lot about the intricacies of aerodynamics.

    You're only a junior, so you probably won't need to go much deeper than a 'first cut approximation' (correct me if I'm wrong, here... I've never entered a science fair)
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    yes after some long reading i have decided that my project will be on propeller design and how engine performance is related to that
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    You could investigate the relationship between pitch, rpm, and power.
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