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Engineering Graduate School Competitiveness

  1. Mar 17, 2014 #1
    I'm a recent physics graduate (BS) who is having second thoughts about spending the next 5-6 years of my life in a physics PhD. program. I thought I wanted to do applied physics, but to keep options open I would like to include some engineering schools in my mix (will be applying next year).

    Obviously places like MIT and Stanford are hard to get into, but I am trying to gauge how hard it is to get into places like U Colorado Boulder, or Northwestern, etc. E.g. respected places, but not super-elite. I am only familiar with physics schools in this regard. My College (William and Mary) does not offer an engineering program, or I'd ask them.

    I've got a 3.34 GPA, decent letters, good general GRE scores and have taken two semesters of classical mech. quantum mech. , and E&M. I have also had a course in MATLAB, analog electronics, linear algebra, ODEs, and know a bit of C++.

    Thank you
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