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Engineering graduate school?

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    hey, so I am going to be done with all the requirements of a math major by the end of this term and have another year left. I can't graduate cause I don't have enough credits. I don't think I want to go to graduate school for math and am considering going to graduate school for engineering.

    now will I be ok? will i even be considered? I have done some physics but no engineering courses. Should I spend the next year on engineering courses?

    basic question is will an engineering graduate school accept a math major in their program? I mean I looked into law school and they don't care what your background is, everyone starts fresh. but is it the same with engineering?
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    Engineering grad schools definitely take on math majors. It may not be as easy to get accepted, I have no idea, and you will probably have to take undergrad courses wherever you go. You should talk to some engineering professors at your school to see what you should do. Maybe take a few engineering courses and try to get involved with a professor who does analytical or computation research.
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    I am meeting an advisor later this week. any important questions I should ask?
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