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Engineering managment

  1. Jun 7, 2009 #1

    I have a question about studying the engineering managment for a master degree. Is it worthy ? whar is it about ? and Do you think it's better or other managment majors like MBA or MPA? In fact, Those questions arose because I'm thinking to goto a grad school but MY GRE has limited My options and hence I've been looking for schools that either don't require GRE or waive . anyways Your inputs are absolutely appreciated and on demand.

    For record
    My GPA 3.26
    Electrical engin major

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    Engineering management is about managing engineering projects and/or engineer-types. For example, you've probably noticed there are some individuals that are really good engineers - but have zero people skills.

    I have a Civil Engineering Management degree. Its kinda like an engineering degree with a business minor. Whereas a straight-up structural engineer is mainly doing calculations etc, as an assistant project manager I was looking mainly at cost-benefit, putting meetings together, getting people together and doing alot of writing putting contract documents and project manuals together.

    Is it worth it? Id say sure especially if you never had any project management experience before, it would set the stage for the engineering management track - which pays better in general from what I have seen. Its good Id say if you dont like being stuffed in an office most of the time. There is value if you can managing people, time and resources (and talk "engineer speak" as well as "business speak"
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