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Engineering material data

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    from where can I download engineering material data for structural steel in range of temperature 20 deg C - 1600 deg C ( 68 F - 2912 F). I'm interested in Poission ratio, Young modulus, density, thermal coefficient of expansion, specific heat and thermal conductivity versus temperature.
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    Matweb is useful for some basic research, but for a more thorough resource I would recommend looking into a book covering high-temperature properties of steels.
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    Curious, why do you want properties of structural steel up to above the melting point of most steels, and well above the solidus transition I'm not familiar with phase transition in structural steel particularly, but I do know that you have to keep phase transitions in mind because they can drastically alter the mechanical properties. Additionally, you have different heat treatments that you have to consider if you are going to be varying the temperature between room temp and super high temps like that.

    In other words, why are you asking for this information?
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    I want that range because curentlly make weld simulation in workbench. Steel has two phase solidus and liquidus. So I want to modeling liquidus phase trought material properties. Thank for help.

    Btw. Do you know how to plot a graph in Wokrbench e.g.displacement vs X,Y or Z-Axis? Or temperature distribution between two nodes?

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    With there be any change in the thermal and structural property of steel with respect to temperature. If so can any one help me to get a lead to those data.
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