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Engineering materials (4 a mountain bike)

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    wat kinda material is best 4 da forks of a mountain bike? or were can i find info? quick replies plz
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    Suspension forks r commonly made from ne of da following, init:

    Steel alloys (CrMo steel in particular)
    Carbon fibre composites
    Aluminium alloys

    Some components (stanchions and crown, I think) are often made from alloys of magnesium. Big up!

    As well as the above materials, titanium is also used 4 da rigid forks, don't think I've come across ne titanium suspension forks but then I haven't been looking. Bo!
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    thanx 4 dat, but isnt der like a website were i can get al da info i need 4 da materials used 4 diff components of a bike?
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    wel if u luk on da bike makers websites den u mite find sum nfo about ther own bikes. wot do u actually need 2 kno?
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    lower castings on suspension forks are almost always made of magnesium alloy, because it is easy to cast. the stancions are normally made of aluminium, although some are made of steel if a harder life is expected. steerer tubes are aluminium, or steel, depending on cost, or how strong the steerer has to be. the crown tends to be made out of forged aluminium.



    www.answerproducts.com (click on the manitou links)

    those are the big three suspension fork producers in the world.

    as for rigid forks, they can be made or steel, aluminium, carbon fibre or titanium.
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    :rofl: dis thred iz da bom
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