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Engineering Mathematics Books

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    Hi. Can someone recommend some good books about engineering mathematics? I'm an EE student and would like to go further than what I'm thought in class. One book that I came across is Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Dennis G. Zill and Michael R.Cullen. But perhaps there are similar/better options out there (preferably more oriented towards electronics students).
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    kreyszig did one
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    I use the ordinary differential equation book by Zill and Cullen, it is very well written, so I can believe your choice should be a good one.

    Usually I don't like something like engineering mathematics book. I would prefer book on particular subject. I have been an EE for a long time. As an EE student, you are required to study muti-variable and ODE already, what you need next would be Linear Algebra and Partial differential equation. I just finished study the first course of PDE. I have quite a few books, The book by Nakhle Asmar got to be the best of all books. It is very easy to understand ( if you can call that!!!), very well structured. Only part you have to watch out is Chapter 3.4 on D'Alembert, Chapter 4.7, 4.8 on Bessel equation and Chapter 12 which has a lot of typos!! I use the ODE by Zill and Cullen to sub on Bessel and Legendre function. 3.4 is particular bad!!!

    If you are planning on post-grad and want to work in more RF, electromagnetics, then a class of complex analysis is not a bad idea.

    Maybe you should enroll in the class. PDE is not easy. I studied on my own, take me 9 months to finish the material covered in the class. Even if you take the class, you might have to review again to get more out of it because the paste is very fast and you have to be good in ODE because they use it a lot.
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    thanks for the input. I already have the kreyszig book. I'll certainly take a look at Nakhle Asmar book though.
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    Here is the link to the book, read inside to see it for yourself.


    But I swear I bought it used for only $62 a year ago. I attached the solution manual I down loaded on the web before.

    I forgot to mention, this book contain Chapter 7 Fourier Transform and Chapter 8 Laplace Transform which is a must for EE.

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