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Engineering or Computing Sc. or I.T.?

  1. Feb 9, 2009 #1

    I have finished high school. I topped the country (FIJI) with a mark of 372/400. My preferred subjects are Maths and Physics but I am also very passionate with computing, day to day general computing that is. Also good with computer hardware (good compared to people of my age in my community).

    I cannot seem to be able to decide which field to enter - Engineering or Computing Sc. or Information Technology/Information Systems. I do not like the business concepts and thus try to stay away from Information Systems but I like the computing part of it - the networking, the servers, the whole hardware scenario.

    I like the idea of Engineering where I get to further develop my Maths and Physics skills but people around me tell me that my computing experience/knowledge/passion will go to a waste considering it won't help my career much in Engineering. I do not like programming either and thus think that Comp Sc. is out for me.

    Am sorry for sounding so confused, because actually I am. I cannot seem to be able to find my interests and a field where I may be able to use the skills that I have without compromising on interest.

    Any response regarding this will be appreciated. Please excuse my vagueness. Thank you.
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