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Engineering or physics/math major

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    I have a few choices of what to do in college and I'm going to make my decision after the first year or two, but I was wondering if anyone could give me some opinions on my thoughts about either majoring in Optical Engineering or double Majoring in Physics/Math.

    I'll be going to the University of Arizona, they have a top rated Optics program which has lots of physics and engineering in it so that sounds really cool and stuff, but I'm also interested in Theoretical Physics topics that have nothing to do with anything Optical (except that an Optical Engineer would prolly help design the technology to do the research).

    The Optics program is effectively cramming 5 years into 4...it even says basically on the website that there are tons of stuff to go over so most take an extra semester or two to finish. I'd prolly take 5 years just to take it in with moderation. I like engineering-like stuff and I especially like the starting salaries, but I don't know if I should do physics/math instead.

    The Physics department isn't top tier at the U of A, but it isn't bad either and I'd just be double-majoring to augment my physics. I love physics, but the math can sometimes be difficult, but I'm not scared of it...actually I find myself relaxed and enjoying myself when I work on problems (even if the math is kickin my butt).
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