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Engineering or pure science?

  1. Nov 22, 2013 #1
    I have been in state of confusion in choosing one out of these. Since I am more interested in learning the basic phenomenons and understanding why and how nature works I get distracted from the engineering course in electronics which I am currently into.
    Early as high-school students I loved to study subjects like physics. I am in my 3rd semester now and I am thinking of leaving engineering to start all over again as student of physics. The things that keep me from doing so are that I know I am a person with average IQ. Its not that I can't understand difficult subjects, I have been good in my subjects in engineering. But I am no extra-ordinary, and I am not sure where will this decision lead me? Am I good enough for research work? And I don't have any support for this "change of path".
    Now I know engineering is learning what can be applied in the real world, but I am more fascinated by understanding how light deviates than by learning how to make a LED work, and I won't get paid for that.
    Unfortunately my parents don't support me and they advice me that engineering is better, probably because it comes with better amount of money, and we all value it.

    Is it possible for a average IQ person to make a good career in pure science field. Can I leave BE and go for Bsc?
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    IQ is meaningless in this context.

    Not sure what country you're from and how your education system works. Perhaps you could add these details so the advice given can come from and be tailored to your situation. Lower division for engineering and physics is closely related in the US, this may not be true for you.

    Should you? No one can answer that for you, you need to do some soul searching.
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    I am from India and as for the education system, there is a difference in applied science and pure science in our education system. Though these too are closely related or considered the same, taking a different course makes a difference here.
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