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Engineering or Science

  1. Mar 26, 2009 #1
    Some background first. I have received a conditional offer from University of Strathclyde to ' MEng electrical and mechanical engineering' and I am still waiting for answers about 'mathematics' and 'mathematics and physics'.

    I think that engineering is very interesting and I've read the course description countless times and find it most interesting, however, my concern is that it is more tended to prepare future engineers for the industry. However, I would like to pursue an academic career, go after a PhD. What do people here think? Is it possible to study engineering and than go after a PhD in for example mathematics? I know that, for instance, Ramamurti Shankar, a physics professor at Yale has got his BTech in Electrical engineering and then his PhD in particle physics.

    I know that PhD is still far away, I'm still in high school (final year) and I haven't yet received any answers about math and physics courses at Strathclyde but I can't stop thinking about all this even for a moment, so if anyone has an opinion, please share it.
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    Doing an MEng then going for a PhD in math is perfectly fine. I'm sure others can give a deeper perspective, but doing a PhD in a related field is no big deal. You may have to do courses to "catch up" per say. but its possible. It would be even better if you did a minor in maths for your engineering degree.
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    Thanks for the input.
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