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Engineering Outsourcing.

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    I've been researching Outsourcing recently, focused towards Engineering specifically, and so I wanted to ask what you guys thought about it! Any ideas, opinions, or knowledge that you have about outsourcing or engineering companies that have outsourced would be most welcome. Thanks!
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    I've noticed a sharp rise in companies that provide engineering and design services based overseas. They often have a partner in the US, either official or unofficial, that acts as a 'reception desk' for them. The US company takes the order and sends the work out. I suspect the same thing happens in European countries.

    I've also noticed a lot of US companies going overseas and outsourcing all sorts of work such as engineering and IT support. If it can be done cheaper over there, the upper management of US companies often feel they have to send work out to remain competitive. There don't seem to be any laws that restrict it.

    Personally, I think we should outsource our CEO's. Bet we could get a whole team of folks from India or China for the price of a single CEO in America.
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    along with about half of the middle managers directly below the CEO

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    We typically outsource engineering work that we either don't have the manpower for or we don't have the tools for (i.e. specialized software for unique problems).

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