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Engineering overview

  1. Nov 23, 2004 #1
    Welcome to the college of engineering at X university ( it could be any one).We trust you want to become an engineer.therefore,allow me to analyze your personality,Most likely,you are:

    -environmentally responsible
    -a decision maker
    -a team player
    -a good reader
    -a good listner
    -good at Mathematics
    -good with computers
    -at ease with using the English language
    -not afraid of asking questions
    -not against new technology

    Are you surprised? :bugeye:

    You should be because this is what takes yo be a good engineer!We believe that the engineering profession is the noblest of all professions because"Engineering is the creative art of applying science for all the benefit of humankind ".Engineers are the professionals who are capable to transform scientific theory into reality".You should be proud that you are going to join an exciting and dynamic profession that continues to improve our lives.

    Engineers are:

    -decision makers
    -able to do almost everything,anywhere and anytime for the benefit of the country and its people.

    This applies to all engineering fields.The real job of an engineer is challenging demanding and joyful.

    For the next few times,i am going to talk about:

    -what does an engineer do?
    -a real engineers lifestyle
    -Defining engineering
    -quick history of engineering
    -What personal qualities make an engineer?
    -professional societies

    to be continued....

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    That's me:

    -intelligent: medium
    -creative: medium
    -ethical: low
    -environmentally responsible: very low
    -a decision maker: strong
    -a team player: medium (depends on the foolish of my companions)
    -a good reader: high
    -a good listner: depends on the foolish grade of the words I'm listening
    -good at Mathematics: high
    -good with computers: medium
    -at ease with using the English language: not at all.
    -not afraid of asking questions: yes
    -not against new technology: yes

    -analytical: high
    -objective: high
    -decision makers: strong
    -innovative: I don't know
    -creative: medium
    -able to do almost everything,anywhere and anytime for the benefit of the country and its people: first me and then the rest.

    Will I be able to become an engineer?

    Hint: I'm only some courses to go.
  4. Nov 25, 2004 #3
    thnx clausius 2 :smile:


    what does an engineer do?

    In a typical organizations,engineers from multiple discplines (ie,chemical,civil,electrical,etc...) are grouped together to perform specific engineering tasks.The number of engineering groups and their functions in an organization depends on the size of the groups and their functions in an organization and its scope of operation.Let us attempt to classify the engineering groups within a manufacturing corporation.There are different engineering groups:

    -Research and Development (R&D) group:

    The engineers in this group are responsible for the design and development of new products(eg.,devices and systems) and services to meet the goal of the corporation.These engineers must make sure that the new product is reliable,safe,and competitive.

    -Manufacturing group:

    The engineers in this group are responsible for making the new products initiated by the R&D group.The group is also capable of improving the products design specifications.

    -quality control group:

    The engineers in this group are responsible for monitoring the quality of the products and services during the manufacturing process and looking at any defects in products.They test,study and suggest product development or improvement.

    -Service group:

    The engineers in this group are responsible for insuring that the products satisfy their customers and solve any problems associated with their uses.

    -Marketing group:

    The engineers in this group use their technical knowledge of the products and services of their organizations to assist the business personal in marketing these products to potential customers(eg.,individual customers,companies,institutions,etc...).

    We have presented the engineers functions within an organization as distinct entities or groups with a sequential top-down operation.By top-down sequential operation,we mean that product and services developments start from the top at R&D group,move next the manufacturing group and so on,and conclude at the bottom with the marketing group.However,the current trend in industry is to dorm multidisciplinary teams that can perform all the above engineering functions at the same time.This helps speed up product development and improves the manufacturing and design processes.

    To be continued...
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    Those are more the credentials of a hard-core physicist...Clausius go change your direction man... :biggrin:

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    I have heard it yet some time ago. Perhaps..... :smile:
  7. Nov 30, 2004 #6
    Please continue with your thread Mellow^Guy. My major was going to be plasma physics, but UC Berkeley calls it Nuke Engineering. How do engineers think as opposed to physicists? etc. I'm terrified. Please, post some more! Thanx.
  8. Nov 30, 2004 #7
    thnx savitri . here i will talk about engineering not specifically .there will be separate threads talking about different engineering majors that may help you more to understand the relation ship between physics and engineering and how do they composed.


    A real Engineer's life style

    Real engineers all over the world share almost the same daily routine.Engineer X ( could be any one ) works at petroleum corporation refinery as an under-training engineer.He graduated from the chemical Engineering department at X university and joined this company last year.Here is the play by play on his day:

    7am:Eng.X wakes up in the morning to start the day with a long trip then he gets there by passing through the security gate.Within,30 minutes,he wears his overall and safety helmet,ready to start the day.Well, a quick breakfast with his fellow engineers is not a bad idea at all !!

    8am:It is now time for the first round of data collection from an assigned process unit.A first meeting with the chief project engineer,which aims at assigning work duties,follows it.Engineers attend tons of meetings.There are design review meetings,meetings with manufacturing group,meeting with suppliers;the list goes on.In this particular case,Eng X has to report his senior supervisor from time to time taking orders or reporting problems.Well,at the time of sudden event such as the start up or shut down of a unit or any sort of safety emergency,most engineers will be trapped for the rest of the day.

    9.30am:tea break

    10am:Based on the recent collection of data obtained from the control rooms and some from the outside gauges ,engineer X ,makes decision on changing the unit operations if the units worked as supposed to,he implements no changes.However,most of the time,problems occur.New engineers can trackle some problems but more challenging problems are the responsibility of senior engineers.A mistake costs money and possibly lives.

    1pm:lunch break

    3pm to end of the day:Eng.X energy starts to drop but he still needs to finish the day with a big smile.He reports to the project supervisor and hands in his shift duties to the shift engineer


    to be continued...

  9. Nov 30, 2004 #8
    Defining Engineering:

    An official definition of engineering by the accreditation board of engineering and technology (ABET) is "Engineering is the profession in which a knowledge of mathematical and natural sciences gained by study experience and practice is applied with judgment to develop ways to utilize,economically,the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of mankind"

    In simple words,"engineering is the art of directing great resource of power in nature of the use and convenience of humans"

    Engineers are neither scientists nor technicians.Scientists are conerned with how things work while engineers are concerned with getting something to work.Technicians are responsible for performing the work while engineers are responsible for determining what work to be done.This is why engineers are paid more than either scientists or technicians.Bear in mind that engineers are capable of doing the work of scientists or technicians but not vice versa.


    to be continued...
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