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Engineering Physics: Am I marketable ? Any input is appreciated!

  1. May 27, 2012 #1
    Engineering Physics: Am I "marketable"? Any input is appreciated!

    :smile:Hello PF community! If this thread counts more as career guidance, then mods, please move, thanks!

    Anyway, first time poster here! I'm 20 years old and currently attending a community college in California. Hopefully within the next year or two, I will be transferring to either UCB or UCSD: First choice is UCB. My major as it stands is Engineering Physics. UCB and UCSD are the only public schools in California that offer the EP major, so I am pressured to get admitted to either! I have a 3.83 GPA right now, so I am on the right track. As a "back up plan", I will also be applying to UCR and SFSU for a major with similar core requirements. If it comes to this, I may just take engineering classes as a grad student.

    Interestingly enough, if I decide to do so, the core requirements are also setting me up to change my major to a joint of ChemE/material science (@UCB) . The transition wouldn't be an issue. Even though I am pretty firm on the EP major, I would enjoying making an engineering career out of either. I also haven't thrown out the possibility of law school.

    Moreover, my point of making this thread is to gather advice or input on if I am making myself "marketable". My biggest fear is being under or unemployed, more so unemployed or lack of stability. The underemployed part isn't a big issue, I just don't want to be working in a field that severely under-utilizes my skills.

    If I get accepted into UCB, with the EP major, these are the classes I will be taking Junior and Senior year.

    Junior year Fall Semester

    Math 104 - Intro to Analysis
    ME 104 - Engineering Mechanics
    Physics 137 A - Quantum Mechanics I
    * Other Electives are listed, but I believe I will be covering most of them at my CC.

    Junior year Spring Semester

    E 115 - Engineering Thermodynamics
    Math 185 - Intro to Complex Analysis
    Physics 137B - Quantum Mechanics II

    Senior year Fall Semester
    EE 143 - Microfabrication Technology

    I can take Physics 110A and 110B(will be taken Senior year Spring Semester) – Electromagnetism and Optics OR EE 117– Electromagnetic Fields and Waves and EE 119 (will be taken Senior year Spring Semester) – Introduction to Optical Engineering

    MSE 111 – Electric and Magnetic Properties of Materials OR
    Physics 141A – Solid State Physics

    Senior year Spring Semester

    ME 185 – Introduction to Continuum Mechanics
    * Either Physics 110B or EE 119(See above)
    Additional elective of my choice.

    I listed the OR classes there because I am not sure which one I will be taking. Suggestions are appreciated!

    In essence, I am not really super-specializing anywhere in particular. Will this be a problem or can it work in my favor? Obviously I may have to enter grad school, which shouldn't be a problem, and as I said, I may even consider law school.

    Do I have a decent plan or should I reconsider (ChemE/Ms option)? I know the job market is tough in any field really, but I, as any student, want to put myself in the best position I can.

    Again, all suggestions, advice, and input are appreciated. Btw, if anything is unclear, let me know because I typed this up fairly quick:tongue:

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