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Engineering Physics Major

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    Hi everyone.
    I'm applying to college right now, the Engineering Physics major has caught my eye. Can someone give me some info on this major, like is this a good major to pursue, and what career options are generally available, (and of course how much money you can make :smile: ). My original choice was mechanical/aerospace, but I sort of wanna get into high tech research. I really love math and physics, so I dont think I'll have any trouble with it being more challenging than the other engineering majors (if thats the case).

    Also, what are some good schools to study this major at? I live in the Boston area and am applying to Rensselaer and probably Carnegie Mellon, but my grades arent that great, and I will appreciate any advice on this matter(I just found out in October that I'll be graduating a year early from high school, so I'm a bit lost in the application process, and a bit stressed out)

    Thanks a lot.
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    I think its a good major. If you're clever, you can pick up any type of engineering very quickly with just basic physics knowledge. Learning physics will tend to be better for your long term creativity. A more focused engineering degree will teach you a lot of specific tools that or may not be useful to what you eventually end up doing.
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