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Engineering physics masters level exchange in the states?

  1. Sep 1, 2010 #1
    Hello, I study EP at a pretty respectable but not world-renown european university of technology. My study performance while doing my bachelors was mediocre due to working at the same time etc.

    I'm one year into my masters' and my grades are clearly above average now. Since I feel like I don't know what to do next I'd love to go have a peek for a term on the other side of the large pond. My Uni does not have very good exchange deals to the states for EP so I would have to look for something myself.

    I would like to do exchange for engineering physics, I'd want to go to a place where I'd see "what's available out there on the top level". The obvious thing to think of is MIT or Caltech I guess?

    I see they both have some sort of non-graduate exchange programs which are pretty restrictive. Is there anything else i could look at that would let me onto campus etc.?

    Any tips on what to write on an application? any clues on how restrictive these top schools are when taking non-graduate students?

    I should go next spring if I want to go before i graduate. I very well might be eligible for scholarships and I have some savings. So i don't think the costs are *the* final issue.

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