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Studying Engineering Physics or Physics?

  1. Jul 8, 2016 #1
    I have an inclination to be an experimentalist, in which discipline should I do my Bachelors in : Engineering Physics (B.Tech) or Physics (B.Sc) ?

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    By definition Engineerring Physics is designed to be more hands on.
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    A technology degree can result in becoming pigeon holed as a technologist/lab/hands on type of career. Probably just what you envision. However, the B.Sc degree will usually start in the same place, but allow you to advance if you desire. Technology degrees can become a barrier for advancement. Remember, the more effort the degree takes, the more valuable it is. While a Technology degree may focus on the subject material you feel is most important, a science or engineering degree will give you a more well rounded education in other areas (higher level math, more conceptual or math intensive physics) that can affect your work so that you may be able to see out side of the box, so to speak. The Technology major may learn all sorts of lab tricks or methods of fabrication, but you would pick them up in the real world too.
    Basically a technology major may be able to help his employer immediately (and get you in the door more quickly), where as the science/engineering major is often viewed as a long term investment. You may certainly be satisfied with the Technology degree, but do not commit ie take the common courses for both as long as you can, so that when you do have to commit, you do it wisely.
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    CalcNerd, while I understand what you are referring to, the OP is (I presume, given his handle name) from India, and in India (particularly from the Indian Institute of Technology, India's equivalent of MIT or Caltech), all engineering degrees are listed as B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) rather than BS (Bachelor of Science), B.Eng (Bachelor of Engineering), or BAsc (Bachelor of Applied Science).
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    With the notable exception of a BS in Physics.
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    In India there is indeed no B.Engg degree, B.Tech degree is awarded for all the engineering subjects (like Computer science, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, chemical engineering etc.) and B.S or B.Sc for all the pure science subjects (like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Economics, Biology etc.).

    N.B: I am from India, as rightly pointed out by StatGuy2000 :smile:
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