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Engineering Physics ?

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    "Engineering Physics"?

    So currently I been planning on specifying my major as Electrical Engineering, but mechanical has my interest too along with physics.

    I thought about a degree in physics but it has a lot of liberal arts baggage attached to it and is not offered at the engineering university, so I'm wondering if any colleges offer a "physics" focused engineering degree?
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    Re: "Engineering Physics"?

    a friend of mine is in engineering physics. furthermore, as an engineer you will have many opportunities for grad school. My cousin graduated with a bachelor's in Aeronautical engineering, got his masters in mechanical, and went on to get a phd in physics. the fields are so intertwined that you will be able to specialize in many things down the road. Anothe big thin with undergrad programs is research opportunity. if you have a specific interest, you can get paid to study something in that field outside of your normal curriculum.
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