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Engineering Scholarships

  1. Nov 18, 2005 #1
    So I've finally got things straightened out enough to go back to school part time. I'm starting by retaking calculus in the spring, moving on through calc 2, multivariable, linear algebra, and 2 semesters of calculus based physics before I apply for admission to the University of Minnesota. I'll be pursuing an engineering B.S. full time after my wife graduates in 2008. I'm not quite sure which specialization yet, but the lower division courses are all the same, so I don't have to decide yet.

    The only snag so far is money. I'd like to take the pre-reqs at the U of M, as the courses are more rigorous and I feel like I'd get a better grounding in the basics. The other option is the local community college. The classes transfer fully and are less than half the price.

    I've applied for a few scholarships through the U of M and my employer will cover some of the cost, but I'm looking for any other scholarship opportunities for adults returning to school. With just what my employer covers and what I can afford I'm stuck at community college. I'll need at least one good scholarship for at least $800 per year to cover costs at the U of M.

    Any advice on finding scholarships or grants would be helpful. Thanks.
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