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Engineering schools dilemma.

  1. Jun 22, 2013 #1
    hi all
    so when you decide to pursue a career in engineering you will normally start looking for an engineering school and that happened to me and I had to spend days searching and looking.
    my conclusion is :
    for the undergraduate level the important thing is the ABET accreditation.
    once the school is accredited you must stop worrying about the education quality you are going to receive because ABET has rigorous standards.

    many of you will say when you go to the MIT that will open the doors to you ,I say all what you will get is an interview in the company you want to work for.
    you can always call the recruiters and ask them ,a friend of mine have done that and he asked the recruiter if they accept applicants form Cleveland State University and the recruiter said it would be his pleasure to do so.

    so when you go to a state school and maintain high GPA like 3.6 and above then I think you can apply to any company you want as long as your school is accredited by ABET.

    anyway,get out of the box and go beyond Physics forums or any other source and start calling recruiters and ask as much questions as you want.

    waiting for your replies.

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