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Engineering/Science Combined What to Majour

  1. Jan 27, 2009 #1
    Hello iam entering univercity this year and i have decided to do Engineering Science, i am probably going to specialise in mechatronics engineering or mechatronics(space),<if i can get in>, but i am not sure what to majour in for science, iam really looking to get into reshearch, but i do not want to be limited to mechatronics this is a list of majours that was listed with the combined degree program at my Uni.
    computer science
    i think u can do more but i have to go and ask them, is computational science good , for the first semester it said they use MATLAB.
    My main objective is to contruct a degree which will allow me to pursue research in either directions - preferably towards engineering ( for now)

    Anyway thankyou very much for your time any help will be apprecated
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