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Engineering Science

  1. May 23, 2010 #1
    Hey, i am a gr 11 student interested in aerospace engineering at u of toronto and i am wondering how hard the engineering science program is.

    Also what kind of grades would i need be accepted to a grad school of my choice like MIT or CALTECH and how hard is it to achieve these grades?


    On a side note, if i were to go to another school (like york or ryerson) that wasn't as good would i still have any chance to be accepted to MIT or CALTECH?
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    Dude you should search the similar threads about eng sci and eng sci aerospace, but I've heard engi sci is fairly challenging (though that's subjective). Also for schools like MIT and Caltech you need more than grades, but a 4.00 GPA helps. But also you would need research exp and reference letters.

    IMO if you want to do grad work in engineering eng sci at UofT is the best in Canada, then prob Queen's Eng Phy, then Alberta Eng Phy. Anyways UofT has more research opportunity compared to those other schools. Also I believe York and Ryerson are geared towards industry and not grad school so it might make the transition to a school like MIT difficult.

    But this is my opinion so do your research mine might not be accurate (I was seriously considering eng sci but I eventually couldn't resist physics and math).
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