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Engineering Skills

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    I was wondering what skills I need to be an engineer.You see I am very curious and I like to know how things work.I like to be theoritical a lot but I don't like things that aren't useful

    I am very good at math and also at science.I love all types of science physics and math in particular. I can grasp concepts quite quickly and am very analytical. However I am not very hands-on or into tinkering.I still like to be practical though.Personailtywise I am very introverted I like to know and go with gut feelings and I also like the abstract and the future a lot.I love the new and also like to be imaginative.I value reason and intellect.I like to keep my options open

    My family doubts my ability to be an engineering student.I guess because I am not a hands on person or a tinkerer.I do like to know how things work and also i am very pratical as well.I just don't have a junkyard and take things apart all the time.

    I also took a look at an article saying that the main skills are structural visualization and Math/Analytical Reasoning and I am very good at those!

    So what do you think! :smile:
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    you can try out things by modeling
    you can make some modification so that the disadvantages in the model could be found and you can try to overcome it
    thereby you can create a new concept
    the only thing you have to do is to THINK WIDER...................
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