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Engineering student minor?

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    Hey guys, im a Mechanical Engineering student, and im having a hard time trying to decide what the most beneficial minor would be for an engineering field.

    Any suggestions?


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    It depends on what career path you want to follow.

    Mathematics or Engineering Management are usually good choices.
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    Engineering Mechanics should be easily obtainable, but that may not be diverse enough for you. I agree that Mathematics is also a good choice. If available, maybe do an Engineering Leadership / Entrepreneurship minor.
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    Thank y'all for your replies. I am planning on going into the energy field, however i can't get more specific than that, as i have not figured that out for myself yet. The Engineering Management sounds very attractive and beneficial though. One minor that has crossed my mind as well is a Computer Technology minor, what do you guys that about that?

    Also, within the next few semesters i will be getting my Pre-engineering associates degree, do you guys think that will be of any benefit to me?

    Thanks guys,

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    I'm not sure how much Computer Technology would benefit you if you are a Mech. Eng. You will definitely need computer skills, but you should get all that you need in your normal degree program.

    Your pre-engineering degree should have taken care of all the physics, math, and other general education requirements, so yes it will benefit you.
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