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Engineering Students Academic Discussion

  1. Aug 26, 2016 #1
    Hi guys, I am doing a quick survey here. I am not sure this is appropriate in this section but here it is.

    If your are an engineering students, could you guys please comment on:

    1) Who do you ask when you stuck on study-related questions (eg. lecture note, tutorial, assignment questions etc.)? Do you ask friends, search online, use forums, email lecture etc? List them with the most frequent method at first.

    2) What are the frustration you have when trying to ask questions? Eg. friends don't know the answers, Google too time-consuming, forums no replies, lecture response too slow? If you have, please list them with the most frustrating one at first.

    3) Have you tried to use any website/app to ask engineering questions (eg. PhysicsForum, StackExchange etc.)? Or a simple Google is sufficient most of the time?

    Thanks a lot guys! =)
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  3. Aug 31, 2016 #2
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