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Engineering students take Aerospace engineering

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    Why do only a few engineering students take Aerospace engineering where as many of those take Mechanical and Electrical engineering at the Universities?
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    Aerospace Engineering, like Nuclear Engineering, is more specialized, as opposed to Mechanical and Electrial Engineering, which are more generalized.

    A mechanical or electrical engineer has opportunities at many more companies than say an Aero or Nuke engineer. On the other hand, one could do Aero and ME or EE - as in a double major. It might be worthwhile if one is really interested in Aero, but wants the diversity of ME or EE.
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    I think Aerospace engineering is harder than ME and EE. This is one of the reason why many students don't take this subject. Is this right? What do you think of it?
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    Your avatars are driving me crazy!!. I would never think you're a nuclear engineer with "esas pintas". :rofl:
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    Utter rubbish, at least in the UK. Aero & Mech courses are extremely similar, obviously the aeros specialise more in aeronautical systems and aerodynamics, mechs cover more materials science and manufacturing.

    As far as the reason fewer students take aero, the answer has already been given, - it's a more specialised field.
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    I completely agree. In addition you take into account the serious cyclical nature of the aviation business and the real possibility of picking up and moving from job to job.
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