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Engineering Technology with a Physics minor? Is this useful?

  1. Feb 16, 2012 #1
    Engineering Technology with a Physics minor? Is this useful??

    I am a junior in college, just transferred to a community college for Electrical Engineering Technology, and I can transfer my A.S. to another institute to do a degree in Applied Electronics Engineering. It is a technical degree, but I have an additional 18 general elective hours that I can use for anything. I've thought about minoring in physics, because that's what I really love and enjoy learning about. Since I've already got two years of previous core classes, there are holes in the semester course curriculum that I can fill. I'm filling it with math, chemistry, and physics classes. So, when I go on to the 4 year college I will already have that under my belt. Now, the real question comes in at will a physics minor be useful for my career? I'm planning on going to get a second Bachelor's degree later on, possibly a Master's, in Engineering and/ or Physics. The classes the physics minor offer are, of course, Gen. Physics I & II, Modern Physics, Electromagnetism I & II, and Quantum Physics I & II. Thanks guys.
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