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Engineering undergraduate research as a physics student

  1. Jan 28, 2009 #1
    Hi everyone,
    I am physics student (junior), and I just signed up for a research project with an engineering lab (more or less common at my school) There's a lot of other undergrads working there, but no-one else from physics. (it's mostly biomed-E students) So far it's starting out pretty quick, and although i think i've been able to follow/remember most of the instructions, i don't really know HOW well i'm doing compared to how much i'm expected to pick up. My question is: what kinds of things do engineering students learn compared to physics students that might show up? Has anyone else had a similar experience? Did you have difficulties with anything in particular (i.e. other students already knew how to use all the different types of equipment/never made mistakes in mixing chemicals/etc.)? What should I watch out for/take extra time with learning?
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